10 Tips to Nail the Job Interview as a Sales Manager


The sales job interview is among one of the most challenging interviews and your goal in the interview should be to sell yourself to the hiring manager. Candidates for the sales manager jobs have naturally gifted sales quality are able to close important deals when required and adapt their approach to suit a variety of different situations for that they need to possess high persuasive power and to respond more than simply answering the questions to the interviewer. The essential qualities to be shown to the interviewer for the position of the sales manager is your sales knowledge and leadership qualities. For sales jobs, particularly, questions can vary from the direct to the abstract depending upon the interviewer and the company.

These are the following tips for the job interview:

  1. Identify your skills

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It is the most important thing to do if you are going for a sales manager job interview that either you are suitable for the post or not. So, identify your skills like knowledge, experience, abilities, motivation, leadership skills, etc. and then compare your skill with the job description of the post. After the analysis of the skills with the job description and specification, if you think you are suitable for the post, then get ready for the interview and nail it!


Career Key

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  2. Prepare a list of your strong point

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The interviewer is going to have major concerns about your communication skills, ability to solve the problems with the flexibility, etc. You need to prepare your strong points before the interview and learn and practice how to present those strong points in the interview. Show the interviewer your great communication skills, group work spirit, hardworking nature, ability to adapt to the change in the company culture by quoting examples from your previous job.


List of Strengths

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  3. Review the recruitment requirements

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For a sales manager, the most important quality one should have is leadership quality. The interviewer will be looking for strong evidence that the individual is a successful salesperson and is able to handle pressure and also has the right attributes to get the best out of the people working under him or her. Any specific requirements for the position is written in the advertisement of the vacancy also, so read it carefully before sitting for the interview and also take the proof of the awards like salesperson of the month award, best employee award etc. if you have, to show a positive impact for yourself in front of the interviewer.



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  4. Do your homework and prepare yourself for the interview

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Before the interview, seek for the information, history, achievements, etc. of the company. This will help you to seek the mission of the company and you can prepare yourself for the interview in the same direction. Some tips which need to be followed before stepping out for the interview are mentioned below:

  1. Be formally dressed for the interview is the other major aspect. Dress yourself in a full formal attire
  2. Check all your required documents and degrees needed for the interviews are with you or not.
  3. Be punctual for the time of the interview. It is wise advice to reach at least 15 minutes before the interview to the venue
  4. Practice for the commonly asked question in a confident way in front of the mirror.

Do Your Homework Before the Big Interview

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  5. Participation in the conversation

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As the interview progresses, the candidate should aim to be confident, professional and engaging the interviewers. He or she should participate in the conversation rather than lecturing, it will show their good listening skills.


Participation in conversational space

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  6. Consultative selling skills

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Remember that the interviewer always wants those candidates who has the “consultative selling” skill which refers to a sales style that aims to uncover the client’s need as opposed to the infamous sales styles, regardless of what the client wants or is best for them, close the deal. The interviewer will be expecting this skill in you and also your learning and teaching abilities. You have to train people who may be working with you as a team.

As for each and every company, customer satisfaction is very important so working on the need of customer and the feedback given by the customer for the product is important to consider and the candidate should show this concern in front of the interviewer.


Sales Skills for Consultative Selling 

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  7. Showing your achievements

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As discussed above that proof of each achievement like salesperson of the month, etc. are required to show as your achievement to the employee, it is also important to present how you have helped your previous company in the growth of its sales. You can also include numbers to back up statements. For example, you might say. “At ABC company, I was responsible for bringing on XYZ account, signing a contract that resulted in XX profit over YY time. If you did not include numbers of your achievement on your resume then take a few minutes to make a list of your best achievements to share with your interviewer by mentioning that “I increased annual sales by 50 % year over year.


 Writing an achievement

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  8. Knowledge about data analysis

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The post of sales manager requires to produce forecasts and reports that analyze a variety of metrics across the entire team. The monthly and yearly report of the sale of the company is one of the mandatory reports for every company. Although, sales manager does not require to be a data analysis pro but they need to have knowledge about it also for the spotting trends in their field. Maintaining data for your team may be a demand.


Data analysis

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 9. The employer is your partner

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Salary negotiation is the most difficult aspect of the job search for many candidates in the sales area. If you are not good in negotiation, use what I refer to as the “work with” method. It means that you are showing a right behavior that an employer is your partner not your adversary and our job is to work towards a solution which will increase your chances to get selected by the firm.

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  10. Be prepared for the rejection

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Understand the fact that there are equal chances for acceptance as well as rejection, especially for the younger employment seeker who is thinking about a career in sales. As sales manager is the post which seeks for experience and leadership quality, so it is important to have both at the same time and if you have both but still not selected then do not lose your heart. Many reasons can be there for your rejection like salary issues, over qualified for the job, skills not matching with the requirement for the post, etc. Be prepared for the rejection when you are entering the firm for the interview.


 Prepare Yourself For Rejection

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Bonus: Skills for a sales person

Good communication skill, persuasive skill, ability to motivate, understanding power, listening ability, good patience power, data and report writing skill, patience power etc.


Working as a sales manager is tough as well as a job of responsibility. Any company’s best asset is its sales team. It’s the sales, which keep the company growing. Thus, people with appropriate skills are always required. The candidate should possess all the above mentioned skills and follow the tips to nail the job as a sales person.

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