10 Ways to Promote Your Fitness Business on Snapchat

This is advanced and mobilizes world in which people usually use the mobiles. There are so many social media apps that are used to connect with each other anytime and anywhere. These apps made the communication fast and give the life to long distance relationships. The survey shows the data that more than 55 percent people prefer the mobile apps rather than PCs.

The Snapchat is one of the popular social websites that let you send messages, videos, and sketches to the other users. This is the quick, new, and rapidly growing social media platform. It has beaten the Twitter by reaching the 150 million daily users. The Snapchat users send approximately 9000 snaps in a second and look out 10 billion videos daily.

If you are fitness expert and want to show your talent then this is a good platform for you. Most of the business is uses this platform to promote their business.

Here are 10 ways to promote your fitness business on Snapchat:

  1. Give access to live events

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This is the exclusive feature of Snapchat. It is real-time. You upload the photos and videos of your training to your fans who were waiting for your tips and guides. There are so many businesses who have taken full advantage of this social media networking like NBA. Every Snapchat can be lasts for ten seconds; it means the fitness trainers have 10 seconds to show their skills to their fans. They can use shouting instructions and music to make videos more attractive.


 Use Snapchat For Your Gym Marketing Strategy

Picture Courtesy: familycircle

  2. Make your personal brand ambassadors

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Snapchat is the best platform to connect with your fans. Inspire the members or fans of yours who are linked up with you, to sponsor you on the Snapchat by forming of your own brand posters that are located at your fitness center. The members use these brand filters on the pictures and videos which they have shared with their friends. This is the finest way to promote your business with Snapchat as there are a lot of people use this social media platform. The companies like FilterPop and GeoFilter Studios are highly specialized in designing the custom-branded geofilters.


Snap Fitness Ambassador

Picture Courtesy:muscle insider

  3. Show short testimonials

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Always show some testimonials and questionnaire to find the needs of the members. This is very helpful to add the quality photographs and videos at your Snapshot account. With the help of testimonials you would get the new ideas and ways to promote your fitness world.


Member Testimonials 

Picture Courtesy: GymHub

  4. Create a custom Geofilter

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Geofilters are the unique feature in Snapchat which tells from where and when the photo or video is taken. For example, if you have taken the photo from India, then the location e.g. Mumbai is mentioned in that. These are the best ricks to attract the Snapshot users. This adds the quality of the photos or videos and also enhances the visibility of your fitness world.


 Create a Custom Geofilter on Snapchat

Picture Courtesy: SnapFilters.Live

  5. Construct a Community

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Make a community and add your fans and members in that. This is the best way to stay popular and enhance the marketing of your fitness business. It gives your employees a sense of club culture. It provides the chance to see your fitness tips too. This is the best way to spread your business. Your followers will get a look inside your training center which is actually not accessible to the distant members.


 Snapchat to Market Your Personal Training Business

Picture Courtesy: SFN Expo

  6. Never predict

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Snapchat is the platform where you engage with public. It is a means to encourage and grow your business by adding attractive and catchy photographers and videos. Followers like to see something new and good. Upload new and appealing photos and videos of your fitness on daily basis. Always find new ways to by t engage more and more crowd.


 Snap Fitness

Picture Courtesy: Addicted 2 Success

  7. Promote your Snapchat account via other social media apps

Image result for Promote your Snapchat account via other social media apps for fitness business on snapchat

Create an account on other apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, tell the people to follow you on Snapchat. Send invites to friends and followers there. Tell them daily to not to miss the amazing tips and instructions that make their body fit on your Snapchat account.


Snapchat to Market

Picture Curtesy: Potentash

  8. Post regularly

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People always want to see real and regular post. They usually do not want to follow the fake accounts. People like to follow the account who have social world, goes out with friends, who goes to dinners, and got sometimes tired too. They want to see the daily update. Demonstrate them your daily exercises and workouts, your healthy eating, and few videos of your training place where you train some clients. Posting on regular basis and consistently is the key to engage your followers.


Use Snapchat

Picture Courtesy: Precor

  9. Announce new exercises and workouts

Image result for Announce new exercises and workouts for fitness business on snapchat

Always add new exercise and workouts to connect your followers consistently. There are the lots of people who love to keep fit and eat healthy. Snapchat is a good way to get more and more followers and give them new and advance tips to stay fit. Always upload the photos of your fitness equipment and your photos while doing the exercises.


Anytime Fitness 

Picture Courtesy:www.livestrong.com

  10. Provide some diet and nutrition tips

Image result for Provide some diet and nutrition tips for fitness business on snapchat

People who are prone to stay fit and healthy want to know the diet plan that let them stay fit. Proper and healthy diet is very helpful to stay healthy and the fit body makes you happy. Food plays a vital role to stay fit. Poor eating habit makes body unhealthy and unfit. So people love to follow the business who is engaged in providing perfect diet plan. Post few videos of your diet plan to attract more crowds.


Snapchat for major healthy-eating

Picture Courtesy: NBC News


Snapchat is becoming most preferred by small businesses to promote their business by engaging more and more people. It is very popular social media world among the teens. Fitness world is incubated under this wonderful platform nicely. The fitness trainers make their account and regular uploads the photos and videos on this network. Real and appealing photos and content attracts more followers. So try this Social platform and enhance and promote your fitness centre across the world.

Featured Picture Courtesy: Elite Muscle


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