10 Best Restaurants in Paris

French cuisine is renowned throughout the world for its perfection and elegance. Exquisite French food with opulent decorations of the restaurants and the exceptional services is what makes these restaurants stand out from the rest. Paris is said to be the grand dame of the world’s culinary destination. French culture of culinary excellence has been recognized and awarded by UNESCO World Heritage classification for its cuisine in 2010 and still continues to top the chart. It is almost very hard to trace the best ones of the innumerable options that it provides. However, 10 best has been furnished here. Savour the gastronomic delights of the renowned French gourmet establishments. The list of the few best restaurants is provided below. Bon Appétit!

 1. Le Meurice

This gastronomic grandeur in the heart of the city will gift you with a grand experience. Though it was renovated and redecorated by the famous French decorator Philippe Starck a few years back, its French bones survived intact for ages. From the mosaic floor to crystal chandeliers and napkins, everything drips class and elegance. Everything is set to perfection and the waiters and the sommeliers could not be better prepared. This restaurant has also acquired three Michelin stars and is one of the most dining establishments in the world.


Le Meurice 

  2. Le Cinq

La Cinq is the restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel in Paris. This Michelin starred restaurant has a polished dining room bathed in gold along with the magnificent chandeliers, floors and curtains embellishments. This posh restaurant serves Classic French cuisine with new techniques incorporated that gives it a special twist. One of the axioms is that they always use fresh and seasonal ingredients and so the menu also changes seasonally.


Le Cinq

  3. L’Abeille

This haute cuisine restaurant of the Shangri La Hotel, named after Napoleonic bee motif was awarded two Michelin stars. Dress up accordingly to match the elegant setting and beautiful garden that it overlooks. The sophisticated and the enchanting atmosphere will reveal new emotions in aesthetics and flavours through the hallmarks of culinary excellence.


Restaurant L’Abeille

  4. Yam’Tcha

Run by a high profile female chef, Yam’Tcha blends and infuses the rich Asian flavours and textures with that of French, to create few unprecedented options of delicious dishes. This too has earned the Michelin star. The chef’s husband is an excellent tea master and you will be served with a cup of tea instead of wine with each meal. Yam’Tcha offers a friendly atmosphere and is a great place to sit down and enjoy your food.



  5. AlaineDucasse au Plaza Athenée

This three Michelin starred restaurant takes an architectural approach to dining. The flashy décor and the dove-coloured walls with modern table settings and furniture with a splash of orange and the illuminating crystal chandelier look ornamented and this restaurant ensures that each dish reaches its full potential taste and flavour.


Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée

  6. Epicure

This restaurant is comprised of two dining halls – Summer and Winter. The Michelin starred Epicure, is famous for both gorgeous surroundings and the delectable offerings. The restaurant serves traditional French cuisine with a pinch of modern style and seasonal fresh ingredients and will promise you a sumptuous meal. As the name suggests, this place is ideal for epicures and food connoisseur.



  7. Le Jules Verne

It is an experience in the heart of Eiffel Tower and a unique venue infused with magic and dream. This revolutionary restaurant serves the best traditional French cuisine with a contemporary flair. In daytime natural sunlight pours throughout the restaurant, and in evening it becomes more shimmering and sensuous. Dress smartly and suavely for this magnificent place.


Restaurant le Jules Verne 

  8. Lassarre

This restaurant’s key specializations are its ultra-fine dining, service and decoration. This Michelin starred restaurant as a bastion of French cuisine and decorations offer each guest with a refined and a charming experience. Do not forget to look up at the frescoed ceiling that reveals the Parisian sky. It remains vibrant both in traditional and innovative ways. Lassarre is an experience for its excellent services, delicious tastes of cuisines and the aesthetics of presentation.



  9. Restaurant Le Gabriel

After winning two Michelin stars, Le Gabriel has made a glorious entrance to the gourmet culture and gastronomy category. This classic French style restaurant is a tribute to its native culture. Thus it offers authentic tastes and also performs the art to enhance it by best possible choices of wine. The appealing decorations and the impeccable interior designs along with a plethora different delectable dishes with a master touch by the head Chef makes this place one of the most celebrated and popular restaurants in Paris.


Le Gabriel

  10. Pierre Gagnaire

For those who have seen enough of French classics and desires a modern innovating way, should dine here at Pierre Gagnaire. As the centre of many Michelin styled restaurants, this place serves world cuisine around the globe with some bizarre yet interesting and delicious tastes and flavours. The artistry of plates is combined with the slate and grey tones. A particularly new and appealing food menu has earned many appraisals. It will be a unique adventure.


Pierre Gagnaire


The French capital is adorned with an excellent constellation of restaurants by talented and skilful chefs. There is a diverse array of dining options. French cuisine can be flashy and sophisticated but it can also be simple and nice. Budget restaurants like ‘BistrotVictoires’,’Boco’, ‘Frenchie to Go’,’Le Petit Clarc’, Le Richer’, ‘L’llot’ and many such needs a special mention. The street food options are also popular for small bites and have attracted many tourists from around the world too. It will be rather culpable if the names of ‘Restaurant Guy Savoy’,’Apicus’, L’Arpége’,’Astrance’ and ‘Ze Kitchen Galerie’ which are all Michelin starred restaurants for their outstanding décor and toothsome food of superior class is not mentioned. It is impossible to mention the best onebecause the list is never-ending. Each one is rare and distinctive in its own way and will enrich you. Paris tops the chart as the ultimate destination for food connoisseurs.

Featured Image Courtesy: David Giral 

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