10 Best Restaurants in Nice

Nice is France’s fifth city and probably the country’s most cosmopolitan one after Paris. The city is beautiful like a postcard and also a famous luxurious holiday destination. Marked by the gorgeous coastline of the Mediterranean Sea and captivating French and Italian medieval architecture, Nice also offers the culture of impressive dining. Also note, Nice is famous for its collection of wine which is produced at the hills behind the city. You can eat almost anything here from brasserie to fusion and from molecular to the highest of cuisines. French cuisine is celebrated and takes a notable position throughout the world. Exquisite French food with grandiose decorations of the restaurants and the smooth artistic services is what makes these restaurants so lavish and there is a stark difference in their food culture too than the rest. Along with Paris, Nice also deserves a special mention in its array of splendid options for dining. This calls for the list of 10 best restaurants in Nice.

  1. Le Chantecler

This two-starred Michelin restaurant defines its cuisine and style to be inspired by Provence. It offers masterly served menu served in the great tradition of French gastronomy. Le Chantecler is also renowned for its collection of cellars that contain more than 10,000 bottles and carved excellent woodwork dating back to 1751. The rich period chandeliers have also drawn the attention of people. Beef fillet with grilled foiegras, peppers and turnips glazing with olive oil is one of the most loved dishes in this restaurant.


Le Chantecler restaurant

  2. La Terrasse

10 floors up on a terrace on top of Méridien hotel and the arresting views of the sea and the mountain makes it an attraction to many and the haute cuisine that it serves deserves to be rated in the top few of this chart of best restaurants in Nice. It has contemporary dining premises and one can celebrate at the bar and the pool too that this restaurant offers. Grilled sea beam, chicken breast braised in thyme or a good sea cassoulet are a must try here. Those with a lighter appetite can have club sandwiches, kinds of pasta or meat salads.


La Terrasse Restaurant

  3. L’Acchiardo

The famous Acchiardo family arrived in Nice and opened up a restaurant in 1927. Their great-grandchildren are still at it and serve dishes to local visitors and tourists. Recent works and renovations have lightened up the place. The cellar serves the wine of age-old generations.The atmosphere is jolly and boisterous and food served here are a must try. Enjoy the warm welcome and dive into the options of top dishes like beef daube in wine, cold stew and petit farcis. They also serve the Provincial wine straight from the wooden barrels.



   4. Le Vingt4

A refreshing and stylish restaurant-lounge, this restaurant is a great culinary gateway. The menu offers a well thought out selection of tantalizing contemporary dishes with a French twist. Try roasted cod with a Portuguese styled tomato salsa sauce, duck aiguillette with grapes and verjuice sauce or the burgers. Each dish is accompanied by a fine selection of wine. The interior of this restaurant is made of cosy lilac sofas, crafted wooden tables and fashionable artworks. If you are fortunate you can enjoy your food and drinks with entertaining live music performances.


Le Vingt4

  5. La Roustide

The much loved La Roustide offers an interesting traditional French cuisine. From baked potatoes covered with truffles and seabeamtartare with wasabi to lentils whipped with cream and truffles, the list offers best cuisines. It is a quaint restaurant with a natural warm ambience and stone finish woody furnishes and dim lighted chandeliers to provide comfort dining to the visitors.


La Roustide

  6. Oliviera

It is a fantastic restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine. Established in 2000, Oliviera crafts each recipe with hand-picked oils and ingredients to enhance the flavours to its full potential. A dish of eggplant, goat cheese, grilled red peppers and olive is one of the splendid dishes it offers. On arrival, the visitor will be greeted with tasting different types of olive one that one can buy back home to use in home cooked foods. The restaurant is named after the abundant collection of different kinds of olive oil that they use to cook food at the restaurant. One can also buy them from the restaurant’s website.



  7. Jan

Jan serves you with a full-blown fine dining experience. The dishes have a touch of Antipodean and flavours from across the world combined with an artistic French culinary flair. The special menu of Chef’s choices every day and reservations are essential. This place will surely add a rich experience to your food exploration.



  8. La Rossettisserie

This place is best for meat fan. One will surely enjoy the amount of poultry and meat cooked to perfection. With beef, lamb, pork and other chosen meat, each dish is accompanied by baked mashed potatoes and vegetable ratatouille. The interior is designed exclusively with cave theme in the underground. The stone archways, stone walls, candelabras with dim and soft light will bring a thrilling experience. A visit here will be truly worthy.


La Rossettisserie

  9. Le Pêcheurs

Wonderfully located at the port of Nice, La Pêcheurs which means “fisherman”, is a brilliant seafood restaurant. It offers a wide range of tantalising dishes with sea bass fillets cooked with herbs and other ingredients and creamy polenta, fish stew with flavoured coconut and garlic lobster with garlic butter and thyme and other mouth-watering delicacies. A wooden beam ceiling, aqua art walls, pillars and the large in-built fish tank is what makes this dining destination a unique one. One can also enjoy the view of a bustling harbour and a rocky coast.


Les Pecheurs

  10. Le Bistronome

Lovely and a friendly neighbourhood restaurant. Smallish cafe/restaurant in a residential area about 10 minutes walk from the tram line. Not touristy at all, and refreshingly unstuffy. Friendly welcome, and an English-speaking waitress to help decipher the dishes. A great combination of good service, and good-value food with inexpensive and reasonable price, make this a popular place to visit in Nice.


Le Bistronome



French gastronomical meal has taken its place in the esteemed list of world most excellent cuisine under UNESCO. But that reveals very little unless one experiences it. Some other restaurants worthy of mention are ‘Keisuke Matsushima’, ‘Le Sejour Café, ’La Vigna,’ Le Sens’,’ and ‘Le Bistronome’. You must try French cuisine at least once in your lifetime.

Featured Image Courtesy: Kristen Obaid

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