10 Best Restaurants in Lyon

France’s gastronomical capital is famous for traditional cooking. But the new chefs are reinventing the classics. Lyon, the third largest city in France is also popular as the food capital. As food obsessives, people cannot contain their excitement on reaching this destination. Lyon has a long and a deep culinary heritage and is also the launching pad for many great chefs from around the world. You can indulge yourself into the culinary affairs of the Michelin starred restaurants or eat at the local small restaurants where young talented chefs attempt cooking. Lyon’s outstanding restaurant scene is celebrated all over the world. Some of the best culinary experiences in the ‘city of flavours’ is shared below.

  1. Le Kitchen Café

‘Le Kitchen Café’ is one of the most sought-after and preferred restaurants in Lyon. This restaurant has the only option of dessert bar’. The best seats are the two stools at the kitchen bar where you can sit and watch your food getting cooked. There is a constant stream of people popping in the restaurant for takeaways. One must try ‘dried duck breast with broccoli, seaweed, clementine and sesame’, ‘shredded pork shoulder with pumpkin and root vegetables or ‘Norwegian fjord trout’. The amazing pastries, hot drinks and fruit juice cocktails should also be tried and tested.


Le Kitchen Café

  2. Café Sillon

It is a star restaurant for new generation young chefs. The menu changes every fortnight and offers rare and exquisite combinations of delicacies. The décor is simple with dark blue walls, wooden farmhouse tables and grey benches. ‘Grilled squid’ and ’Barbecued Lamb’ along with varieties of ingredients and spices and side dishes must be tried. The Italian red dessert wine ‘Chinato’ seems to complement everything sweet that comes out of the kitchen.


Café Sillon

  3. Le-Jean Moulin

Eating out in Lyon is not just about Michelin starred restaurants and traditional ‘bouchons’. There are several new affordable and small restaurants run by young chefs who are redefining the gourmet scene and tempt diners with tasting menus. This cool modern dining restaurant on the banks of river Rhône and the buzz in the kitchen room where there is an ever-changing medley of new dishes cooked. Packed egg in ‘vin juane’ with a cream of morels, oyster mushrooms and a vanilla and lemon ‘blancmange’ with zesty lime sorbet are some of the best food items served here.


Le Jean Moulin

  4. Bouchon Le Jura

Although named after a different region in France, Le Jura is the perfect place to dive into the traditional world of Lyon’s famous ‘bouchons.’ The small and cosy restaurant remains unchanged since the day it was opened in 1867. The signature dish of Lyonnaise cuisine is most famous here. This restaurant run by family affairs serves excellent dishes like ‘andouillette’ sausages smothered in rich ‘Beaujolais’ sauce and smooth chicken liver terrine. The old Lyonnaise custom of women chefs running a kitchen is seen here.


Bouchon Le Jura

  5. Auberge de I’ll Barbe

This restaurant unites history and gastronomy in a location that is dating back to 17th century. This Michelin two-starred restaurant is located on the island of Saône, adding an alluring and an exclusive ambience. The kitchen serves toothsome dishes that fuse the French culture, flavours and seasonal ingredients. Like winter serves the best shellfish. Both the presentation and the interior offer inspiring aesthetics.


Auberge de l’ile barbe

  6. Têtedoie

This is another great location for foodies offering an experience of flavour, design and setting. The multi-storey restaurant presents the panoramic view of the city also its architecture. Both the interior and the outdoor dining areas are garnished with contemporary design piece and showpieces adding a vibrant atmosphere. The kitchen serves innovative dishes of the French gastronomy. The dessert options are unique and ‘souffle of Fromageblanc with sour cherries and pistachio milk’ is a must try.



  7. La Rotonde

It is a luxurious destination above the Le Lyon Vert casino. The restaurant has been awarded two Michelin stars for its culinary excellence. La Rotonde serves innovative and elegant dishes with generous yet a perfect balance of ‘flavors’ and ‘colours’. Foodie travellers from all over have suggested ‘foiegras salad’ and ‘steak tartare’ to be tried by all. The interior design of the fine dining establishment features breathtaking centrepieces.


Café de la Rotonde

  8. Restaurant L’Effervescence

The atmosphere here differs from other Michelin starred destination in Lyon. It will add to a vibrant culinary experience with a moderately luxurious ambience. Rustic stone brick walls with selected art pieces give it a different look all together and the table clothes are different colours other than the usual white cloth associated with fine dining. The Chef serves ‘market cuisine’ with fresh ingredients and creative flavours like ’haddock, mussels and beet pickles and ducks foiegras emulsion with lemon.’



9. Les Loges

Located in a stunning location, this restaurant is a grandiose combining architectural style of 14t, 15th and 16th centuries. The restaurant is in the centre of the Florentine courtyard and is sheltered with a contemporary style glass and steel ceiling while the walls are beautifully decorated with artefacts and artworks. Some of the best French cuisines like ‘codfish from Brittany with seasonal vegetables in Barigoule with cinnamon bark and Tonka bean, and milk-fed lamb served with stuffed seasonal vegetables’ are presented here.


Les Loges

  10. La Mère Brazier

This two Michelin star is renowned for its creative and artistic concoctions. Designed plates focus on merging both traditional and modern gastronomies and guests can enjoy recipes inspired by seasonal ingredients including perfectly cooked ‘beef, fresh fish, foiegras and flavoursome vegetables’. The interior of the restaurant has earned many appraisals which is decorated with beautiful lighting designs and ornaments and other embellishments.


La Mère Brazier

A Little More about Lyon Restaurants

The list of the best restaurants at Lyon is ceaseless. The other reasonable options like ‘La Bijouterie’, ‘Takao Takano’, ‘Le Garet’, ‘Daniel et Denise’, and ‘Le Musée’ cannot be missed too for their excellent food offerings. It is impossible not to bump into a ‘Voison’ and ‘Sève’ shop for its variety of colourful candies, chocolates and pastries.

“Bouchon Lyonnais”

Lyon is famous for the ‘bouchon Lyonnais’ tradition. It is an absolute thing to experience. It will be hard for foreigners to recognize ‘bouchons’ unless they know it. The Lyon restaurants who are serving authentic Lyon cuisine will tell all you need to know. A ‘bouchon’ can be spotted by the decoration of red and white tablecloth and wooden vintage items of furniture.


Lyon located at the confluence of the rivers ‘Rhône’ and ‘Saône’, warmly greets all foreigners with its wonderful architecture, really nice people and a great cuisine. One must know that Lyon in France is registered at the UNESCO World Heritage Site for its delicious cuisine and gastronomy. Earlier known for the production and weaving of silk and its significant role and contribution in the world of cinema, Lyon has also emerged as the ideal destination for foodies around the world.

Featured Image Courtesy: Yenny Makan Mulu


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