10 Best Restaurants in Marseille

The southern French city of Marseille, though covering only a small area has a lot to offer. Being a port city, this place is influenced by the foreign culture and culinary. While pretty good at cheese, Marseilles fail to make good desserts. Marseille’s signature preparation is the overwhelming ‘bouillabaisse fish stew’ which is a must try. Other local dishes like ‘beef stew in wine’,’ and ‘cod flanked by vegetables, shellfish and garlic mayonnaise. Marseille’s modern culinary scene is very interesting and exciting with restaurants and bistros serving a diverse range of cuisines from around the Mediterranean.

We are all knowledgeable about the fact that French cuisine is one of the most renowned cuisines around the world and UNESCO has declared French cuisine as the “World’s Intangible Heritage.” This port city of Marseille, though French is also a cauldron of people and cuisine from around the sea. The concoction with the master strokes by skilful chefs has emerged as an excellent gastronomical culture of Marseille. Do you want to know what are the best restaurants you must eat at Marseilles to savour the gourmet? Here’s a list of top 10 best restaurants in Marseilles.

  1. Le Petit Nice

Considered one of the finest and innovative restaurant in Marseille, it offers mouth-watering dishes that just cannot be missed. The boutique restaurant overlooks to the bright picturesque view of the sea. The cuisine served here is a reflection to Provence and it serves some of the best unique and innovative preparations. The ingredients are exemplary, cooking is artistic and the dishes are classy. The wine list is particularly classy.


Le Petit Nice

  2. ChezFonfon

City’s home-made seafood restaurant, ’Chez Fonfon’ offers the best seafood dishes. The famous Bouillabaisse is the best seafood speciality and is to be served as a soup appetizer before the main course. This food has served the speciality for many ages and this restaurant is reputed for this dish. Also known for a stylish and posh décor, the atmosphere is friendly and pleasant and is a tune with Mediterranean scent and colour.


Chez Fonfon

  3. L’Aromat

L’Aromat is situated in the bustling city surrounding and owned by a bright young talent named Sylvia Robert, now in his 30s. His bright restaurant is famous for its contemporary take on Mediterranean cooking.  The preparation of squid ravioli and beef smoked in jar are a must try. The extensive elegant wine list is a speciality too.



  4. Le ComptoirMarseillais

Away from the centre and the port, it faces the polished side of the south. With a big teak stylishly decorated terrace, this contemporary bistro is filled with elegance within. Swordfish steak with the perfect choice of wine is a delicacy you must try here.


Le Comptoir Marseillais

  5. Restaurant Chez Michael

This Marseille restaurant always draws crowds of people because of warn and lively location, friendly service and sumptuous gourmet dishes. The decoration of this restaurant is simple and effective. The warm welcome by the friendly welcome is an icing on cake. The quality of the meal speaks of everything. You must taste the local seafood dish ‘bourride’.


Chez Michel

  6. Le Souk

Le Souk provides exotic taste of Maghreb in the middle of Marseille Old Port. Maghreb people call Marseille its home and this Moroccan themed restaurant is a reflection of their love for Marseille. The traditional North African couscous dishes and ‘kebabs’ are essential to taste. The ‘tagine of the day’ can be sweet or savoury. There is a wide range of vegetarian dishes too. You don’t necessarily have to be a meat lover to enjoy the delicacies of Le Souk. The delicious food, dishes, décor and even the costume for the servers will reflect the authenticity of this Moroccan restaurant.


Le Souk

  7. Le Grain de Sel

Just a couple of streets south from the Old Port of Marseille is this much loved quaint and colourful restaurant located. ‘Le Grain de Sel’ uses fresh, organic and locally sourced ingredients and items brought from the supermarket on daily basis to make each mouthful of the dish delicious. The open kitchen is visible in the bistro and one can watch their food being prepared. With a high quality menu of both food and wine and a cordial atmosphere has left every customer happy.


Le Grain de Sel

  8. Les Arcenaulx

Les Arcenaulx is a part restaurant and a part bookshop. Here, you can enjoy your meal surrounded by shelves of great classic literary works. The restaurant first opened in the year 1980 and since then has become an institution. The impressive menu is crafted using the best flavours and cooking techniques typical to the region of France. The menu is updated seasonally and the collection of 250 wines is equally impressive.


Les Arcenaulx in Marseille 

  9. Une Table Au Sud

This award-winning restaurant isn’t cheap, however, the gourmet French cuisine made with the finest and freshest ingredients has justified the price and is worth spilling out the money. The restaurant situated at the corner of the Old Port. The floor to ceiling decorated and frescoed with stunning views of the port and Notre-Dame de la Garde basilica cannot be missed.


Une Table au Sud

  10. L’Epuisette

The gourmet restaurant on the edge of the Old Port, Marseille is a famous one for its delicious Michelin star awarded dishes. The exquisite dishes are crafted with the best ingredients of the top chefs. The food can be best enjoyed alongside complementary French best wines. Sit by the window to be captivated by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Old Port on the other.




Other restaurants like ‘La Table’, ’Le Malthazar’,’Pizzeria Chez Etienne’, ‘El Santo Cachon’, ‘Ummagummá’ and ‘La Nautique’ needs a special mention. It has a large number of popular restaurants where you can enjoy the authentic French cuisine which is famous throughout the world.


Marseille is no shortage of culinary specialities and promotes the flavours of Provence. Comparatively cheaper restaurants like ‘MaisonGeney’, ‘O’Bidul’, ‘Sur le Pouce’, ‘Nam Viet’, ‘O Buffet’ and ‘Café Populaire’ also will provide brilliant French cuisine with a Mediterranean touch. The charming location, Provencal ingredients and the creative chefs are a complete package offered to enjoy at Marseille.

Featured Image Courtesy: Diana Elizabeth

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