10 Must Visit Locations in Birmingham

Birmingham is situated in the West Midlands of England on the small River Rea. It is the most popular and largest British city outside London. The soul of the city started with the Industrial revolution where it earned its place at the forefront of development in terms of science. The concept of Football league and Tennis was originated from this city only. It is a vibrant city that has lots of places to see and also regarded as a home to a network of canals, many of which radiate from Sherborne Wharf and are now surrounded with trendy cafes and bars.  The heart of the city offers more than 1000 shops, taste of the world’s cuisines, great hotels, performing arts, world class museum, collections and various sporting areas.

Now, it attracts the innovative and the creative, fuelling their minds with a wide variety of museums, parks and beautiful music halls. These are the following must visit locations in Birmingham:

  1. Birmingham University

The Birmingham University has been leading the way in education and research since the 1900s. This university is the place to visit if you are interested for an educational tour and is also a great place to study with lots of offer to its students from brilliant sporting facilities, a global reputation for teaching, a wide assortment of social events and diverse student population from many different countries. The university campuses are safe and friendly exhibiting an array of sculptures and Victorian and modern buildings.


University of Birmingham

    2. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery opened in 1885 and is considered one of the finest museums outside the London. The art treasures include a collection of Raphaelite painters and the artwork by Rodin and James Tower from 17th to 19th century. It also showcases the city’s history, including archaeological findings from the Stone age in combination with the impressive Pinto Collection, with its 6000-plus toys and other items made of wood.

Along with it, Birmingham Back to Backs attraction can also visited. It is a unique collection of the small “back-to-back” homes once so prolific throughout the city. These homes offer a unique insight of the working classes and their contribution to city life.


Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

    3. McWane Science Center

You can explore Birmingham and can experience the world through science and adventures and interactive exhibits. A wild variety of topics from dinosaurs to laser and light are the part of the center. The favourite destination for traveling exhibits is McWane Science Center as compared to the other museums around the world. There is an interactive aquarium which features, habitat tanks of aquatic creatures at the lower level of the center. Visitors can make waves on an eroding shoreline and can also check out salt marsh creatures.


McWane Science Center 

   4. Jewelry Quarter

The Jewelry  Quarter is the area which is steeped in tradition. More than 200 Jeweler’s workshop and silversmiths are concentrated, and is surrounded by the  Clock Tower on the corner of Vyse and Fredrick Streets and around the Georgian church of St. Paul’s. You can have an insider’s look at the trade, in the fascinating Smith and Pepper Factory. You can also check out the nearby Hall of Memory opposite Baskerville House, erected in 1925.


Jewellery Quarter

   5. Cadbury World, Bournville

Cadbury world is one of the largest attractions in Birmingham and welcomes more than 500,000 visitors each year. This destination is just a short drive from the main Birmingham city. You can go through the history of chocolate as well as the manufacturing process through a number of excellent themed interactive exhibits. Cadbury is one of the largest confectioneries and visitors can go through the story of it. After the visit, don’t forget to roam the picture-perfect village of Bournville built by the Cadbury family after 1860 specially to house their large workforce.


Cadbury World

  6. Ruffner Mountain Nature Center


If you are a nature lover then this is the best location to look for. The Ruffner Mountain Nature Center offers opportunities for bird watching, hiking, and for outdoor enthusiasts to explore and learn. This is like a home of Raptors, snakes, frogs, turtles, and mammals. You can also enjoy the mining sites, quarries and mining equipment on Ruffner Mountain from the many iron ore mines that dotted the landscape from 1880s to 1950s.


Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve 

  7. Coventry Transport Museum

Coventry Transport Museum shows the history of road transport in Britain. This fascinating museum highlights the collection of more than 300 cycles, 120 motorcycles and more than 250 cars and commercial vehicles. Many of them relate to the Coventry’s rich past as the center of Britain’s motor vehicle manufacturing industry.


Coventry Transport Museum

 8. Birmingham Zoo

Birmingham zoo includes biodiversity and is a home to birds, reptiles and mammals with animals from around the world. The special highlight of the zoo includes the numerous endangered species from six different continents. The botanical area includes the almost 20 different species of butterflies and all of them are native to Alabama. If you are carrying children with you on the trip, then a visit to the Huge Kaul Children’s zoo is must along with the Birmingham zoo, it is dedicated to children entertainment and education and showcases the urban/rural animals of Alabama. One of the newest additions to the zoo is the Dino Discovery exhibit, could be fascinating to the kids.


Birmingham Zoo

    9. Alabama Sports Hall of Fame

The Alabama Sports Hall of Fame features various sports-related display and films that highlight memorable sports moment. In total, thousands of sports artifacts are displayed along with the several sports champions and their achievements, including Hank Aaron, Jesse Owens, Joe Louis, Willie Mays and Carl Lewis.


Alabama Sports Hall of Fame  

10. National SEA LIFE Centre, Birmingham

This center is one of the most-visited tourist attractions and is a home to an      impressive 60-plus exhibits related to marine life. It includes aquarium’s massive million-liter ocean tank, with its unique underwater tunnel that allows visitors an uninterrupted view of the diverse sea life on display including reef sharks to giant turtles. A 4-D cinema is also on site and offers regular educational programming. You can also experience the fun behind-the-scenes of penguin feeding sessions.


National Sea Life Centre (Birmingham)



Birmingham is the city which has the combination of museums, churches, zoo, educational institution and much more which could cater to the soul of anyone irrespective of its age. Enjoy all the locations of the city, it has so much to offer along with life long memories.

Featured Image Courtesy: Ross Jukes

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