10 Must Visit Locations in Nice

In southern France on the Côte d’Azur you can discover beautiful places such as Nice. The city consists of an old and a new center. In the old center, where Nice was created on the hill of Parque de la Colline du Château, many historic sites can be found. The most special are La Cathédrale Sainte-Réparate, Palais Lascaris and Place Garibaldi. In terms of architecture, you are good in both the old and the new center. There are beautiful architectural styles to discover. The crowds in the summer months are mainly centered around the harbor and the famous Promenade des Anglais. Those who like to avoid the heat or the crowds should definitely visit the modern art museum MAMAC.

  1. Port Lympia

It is hard to imagine, but the now so fashionable harbor of Nice was once no more than a swampy and swampy valley. Fortunately, in 1748, Charles Emmanuel III and engineer Filippo Nicolis changed this. And today we can enjoy all the splendor on and aboard the most luxurious yachts out there. The colorful Venetian buildings in the harbor make it complete. Especially in the summer months it is seen and seen. The terraces are crowded and visitors stroll along the water.


Port Lympia

  1. Promenade des Anglais

Almost all visitors to the city of Nice walk over the famous promenade des Anglais. It is therefore almost always busy. Especially on weekends, the promenade is used by cyclists, skateboarders and walkers. The beach starts under the promenade. If you walk towards the old town, you will automatically pass the green city park Jardins Albert I.


Promenade des Anglais

  1. Museum of Modern Art and Art

Right next to the National Theater of Nice lies the complex of MAMAC. The futuristic complex has special art in house. The museum offers a refreshing look at modern art. As a tuft on the cake you have a stunning view over the city from the roof terrace. You can find this museum on the Promenade des Arts.


Musée d’art moderne et d’art contemporain

     4.  Castle Hill Park 

On this hill above the city and next to the harbor, Nice actually arose. Although the name suggests otherwise, one does not find a castle here. At least not since the devastation in 1700. Now it is a lovely park with lots of greenery, a playground for children and a very impressive waterfall. After entering this high hill, the biggest treat is the overwhelming view of the city.


Castle of Nice

    5. Reparate Cathedral  

In the old part is the cathedral of Nice. St. Réparata is the patron saint of the city of Nice and its diocese. The cathedral was built around the beginning of the thirteenth century. The biggest adjustment, however, took place in the year 1649. Then it began to get its baroque appearance. The inside is richly but tastefully decorated.


Nice Cathedral 

  1. Course Saleya

There is always something going on in this bustling place. Course Saleya is known for its stalls. During the day all sorts of products, flowers, souvenirs and the like are sold. But in the evening it is one big open-air restaurant. All kinds of kitchens are represented and sold at different prices. You can actually speak of a constantly changing market.


Cours Saleya

  1. Place Garibaldi

This historic square named after Giuseppe Garibaldi lies at the junction between the old and new center of Nice. In the middle of the square is a statue of Garibaldi. He was a nationalist fighter who fought for unification with Italy. Furthermore, you will find a number of beautiful baroque colored buildings on this square.


Place Garibaldi 

  1. Ruins of Cemenelum

A lot of history can still be found in and around the Archaeological Museum of Nice. Here you can see the remains of the ancient Roman city Cemenelum. Many objects can be seen in the museum that were found during research. Regularly changing exhibitions are organized that in one way or another have a link with archeology. You can find this museum in the Cimiez district.



  1. Place Massena

The most famous square of the new part of Nice is the Place Masséna. In addition to the blocked surface, the images on high poles are a remarkable phenomenon. The images are scattered all over the square. The Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa has created these seven beautiful sculptures, which are illuminated in a special way at night. The square is in a very convenient location between all kinds of shops and restaurants.


Place Masséna 

  1. Palais Lascaris

In the old center of Nice is the beautiful and stately Palais Lascaris. Around the seventeenth century, the palace belonged to the wealthy Vintimille-Lascaris family. Today it belongs to the city of Nice and it serves as a musical instruments museum. Among the top pieces are instruments by William Turner, Giovanni Tesler and Sebastien Erard.


Palais Lascaris


Featured Image Courtesy: Svein-Magne Tunli


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