10 Must Visit Locations in Glasgow


Glasgow is the largest city of Scotland and is situated on the River Clyde. This city is well known for its beautiful, thriving shopping districts and the culture it offers. It attracts a large number of visitors in a year and it does not matter at all whether you want to experience culture, shopping or food, but you are going to find something which will fit to your interests within the boundaries of this upcoming city. This city has transformed itself from an industrial city to one of the cultural capitals of Europe. It shies away from fussy restaurants, but has most vegan eateries per capita in Britain.

Glasgow offers lots of exciting experiences and let’s explore the places which are mentioned below:

  1. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

This beautiful place is situated within the heart of Glasgow’s famous West end. The museum is an almost century old with a stunning architecture and a range of separate exhibit rooms. Being a free attraction, it is only a quick walk away from the Kelvingrove subway station. It consists more than 22 themed galleries and about 8000 objects to capture your attention. You can start your journey by seeing Salvador Dali’s Christ of St. John of the Cross to seeing exhibits on dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals.


Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

      2. Glasgow Cathedral

The city’s most significant historic building is the 12th-century Glasgow Cathedral and is also known as St. Mungo cathedral or the High Kirk of Glasgow. From all the side inside and out, it looks as if it dropped out of a giant mold in which lines are clear and there is no superfluous ornamentation. Next door of the church is the St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art which examines the world religions and how their doctrines deal with the issues of life and death. The exhibitions include Egyptian mummies, Hindu statues and a Zen Buddhist garden in the courtyard.


Glasgow Cathedral

     3. The University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow dates from 1451 and is the second oldest school of higher education in Scotland. The University has employed many intelligent and extraordinary teachers, including James Watt, Joseph Lister, who was the “father of antiseptic surgery” and Adam Smith and many more. The discoveries made by the faculties and students of the University are being presented in the permanent exhibition at the Visitor Centre on University Avenue.

Another famous scientist of the University was William Hunter, who was an 18th-century Glaswegian doctor who bequeathed his collection of anatomical parts. The museum has a huge collection of ethnographic knowledge, zoology, geology and archaeology, including many findings from Roman sites.


University of Glasgow

    4. Buchanan Street

If you are a kind of shopping freak traveler then this could be your destination. It forms the central stretch of the city’s shopping district and can link you to an array of shops in each direction. This place is famous for the variety that it offers both tourists and locals alike, and most shoppers spend a lot of time inside of its Galleries. You can find everything from Hollister and Pandora, to Millie’s Cookies and the Whisky Shop.


Buchanan Street

    5. Black Sheep Bistro

There are numerous restaurants across Glasgow which will gain your attention due to the pleasant, family run atmosphere that they provide and among all, Black Seep Bistro is one that you should certainly put some time aside for. It provides cozy, traditional atmosphere and family favourites that they offer will have something to suit your tastes. They offer everything from battered haddock to macaroni cheese and a selection of different desserts. As there is high popularity of the place so it is advisable to go for advance booking for this place.


Black Sheep Bistro, Glasgow

  1. Kibble Palace and Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Kibble Palace was built in 1873 and is one of the largest glasshouses in Britain and contains a collection of rare orchids; tree ferns from Australia and New Zealand; and plants from Africa, the Americans and the Far East. This is located in Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens, where you can explore more greenhouses and admire the Victorian sculptures located throughout the grounds.


Glasgow Botanic Gardens

   7. Glasgow School of Art

If you are lovers of the fine architecture, this could be your one of the best destination. It was constructed in 1909 and this Art Nouveau building confirmed the reputation of 28-year-old designer Charles Mackintosh, not just the as a master of the exterior but also as a superb interior designer. This school includes famous rooms including the Principal’s room which was one of the first of Mackintosh’s “White Rooms” where meetings of the Academy of Art were held.


Glasgow School of Art

    8. Pollok House and Pollok Country Park

The grounds of Pollock House cover an area of 355 acres. This is also the home of Maxwell family and this Edwardian mansion was built in 1752 by William Adam and his sons. The majority of the part of the building is open for visitors and it starts from the grand entrance hall to the extensive servant’s quarters. If you are adventurous person then you can try the unique “Escape the Past” game, a fully interactive exhibit that challenges players to solve puzzles and find their way back to present-day.

The grounds of the estate include the Pollock Country Park, where you can also admire the meticulously kept gardens or walk some of the trails that prime through woodlands and to the riverside.


Pollok House

    9. The Corinthian Club

The Corinthian is a dining and bar venue which will exceed your expectations and provide a great experience. The building in itself is so beautiful and being the traditional Glasgow Ship Bank, which was converted into a court building in the year 1929. The beautiful Victorian interiors could be enjoyed with fantastic food and fabulous cocktail. You can also enjoy your luck in Casino and can enjoy the night life.


The Corinthian Club 

  1. A walk through the Necropolis

Necropolis is situated beside the Glasgow Cathedral and is a Victorian Gothic garden which covers 37 acres. It has a fantastic collection beautiful memorial stones and sculptures and buildings designed by Glasgow artists.


Glasgow Necropolis 



Glasgow is a popular tourist place with its excellent museums, art galleries, concert venues and festivals. It can be a great experience if you come in once and visit this beautiful place with your near and dear ones. The pleasant weather here and mesmerizing locations are like cherry on the cake.


Featured Image Courtesy:  Grant Glendinning




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