France: 10 Best Places You NEED to Visit

France or French Republic is a country in European continent surrounded by the Antarctic Ocean and English Channel. France has majorly two parts of the country. The one is the metropolitan France and the other is the overseas France which is a group of small islands surrounded by Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Antarctic Ocean. These French islands are spread all over the world. Know about best places to visit in France in this post:

1. Paris

Paris is the capital city of France, one of the most exciting places for every visitor. This place is known to be one of the best places in the world. With the population of 2.2 million and a total area of 105 km, Paris accommodates tourists from all over the world. Tourists mostly do Excursions, sightseeing, cultural tours, renowned heritage, shopping & fashion, food and leisure.


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2. Nice

Nice is city in France which is the fifth most populous city and the capital of Alpes Maritimes Department. In terms of tourism, it is the second most visited place after Paris. Nice is known to have world’s oldest civilization. Terra-Amata is known to an archaeological site which dates back to lower Paleolithic age, lies in Nice. Nice is it itself situated by ancient Greeks. Nice is also famous as a vacation resort. Nice hosts many cultural festivals throughout the year including Carnaval de Nice and the Nice Jazz Festival.


Nice, France

3. Corsica

Mountain in the sea, Corsica is also known as Island of beauty, not without reason. The diversity of Corsica’s scenery, and its protection from the aggressions of expansion and sightseeing, makes it one of the treasures of the Mediterranean Sea. There are loads of destinations of curiosity for tourists in Corsica: Sea (beach seeing, scuba diving, and sailing), mountain (hiking, with the famous GR 20).


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4. Chamonix

In the silhouette of Mont Blanc’s majestic snowcapped peak is the conventional alpine township of Chamonix. An old-fashioned little town filled with significant churches and charming auberges (inns). Besides skiing, the city of Chamonix is a great place for hiking, paragliding, rock climbing, golf, and tennis, or just relaxing


Chamonix, France

5. Bordeaux

Bordeaux in the year 2015 bagged the designation of Europe’s Best Destination against the opposition from many of the continent’s finest cities. There are some more charming urban tourist attractions in France than the miroir-d’eau, portraying the splendid Palais-de-la-Bourse. The Culture of the place has changed a lot from once all who used to wear bow-ties and long frocks, have now embraced hip-hop.


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6. Strasbourg

Strasbourg is positioned to the west bank of river Rhine, and it has captured a strategic place in the Upper Rhine Valley since prehistory. Today, the city of Strasbourg is known to be the 9th prevalent metropolis of France with almost .5 million people in a metropolitan area spanning across the river into the German city of Kehl, on the eastern bank of the Rhine. The momentous town centre is diminutive enough to be with no trouble explored on footsteps, but for longer distances you can use the excellent tram and bus network.


Strasbourg, France

7. Lyon

Lyon is known to be discovered by the Romans, and is conserved with loads of historical areas. Lyon is also the epitome of the heritage city, as recognized by UNESCO. It is known to be a vivacious conurbation that makes the most out of its inimitable architectural, cultural and gastronomic heritage, its dynamic demographics and economy and its strategic location between Northern and Southern Europe.



8. Marseille

Marseille is France’s oldest city. Traders of Greek discovered the place 2,600 years ago, and it’s barely had a quiet moment since. Marseille is an anytime destination. As France’s second city, it never shuts. In winter the weather may be mild enough for shirtsleeves and lunch on a terrace. Spring and autumn are generally perfect for further outdoor moments.


Marseille, France

9. Beaune

Beaune did succeed Dijon as the capital of the Duchy of Burgundy in its glory days. Today, Dijon is once more the capital of Burgundy, a lot bigger city, and a significant site of business as well as culture. But Beaune should be recommended for its bustling, rich, and charming site of pilgrimage for lovers of art, wine lovers, and gastronomes. For the emblematic sightseer, Beaune is known to be a half-day town. The historic centre is charming and a pleasant place to walk around.


Beaune, France

10. Aix-en-Provence

Aix-en-Provence is a known township 25 kilometers north of Marseille and to the south of the villages of the Luberon in the Bouches-du-Rhone department of Provence. The town is listed as one of the important Historic Towns in France. Aix-en-Provence is a lovely town with lots to see and do, including various museums, so better spend a night or two here rather than just make a quick ‘day trip’ visit.




France is an excellent place to visit if you want to enjoy various kinds of moments at the same period of time. You can enjoy the silence and calmness of France and at the same time enjoy the charm of night life. You can enjoy the summer and at the same time you can enjoy the winters with snowfalls that will totally mesmerize you. Hope you liked this post!

Featured image courtesy: Dimitry B.

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