Japan: 10 Best Places You NEED to Visit in Osaka

Osaka is the second largest city of Japan. Osaka has lots of important shrines and landmarks and it is more focused towards shopping and futuristic side. There are plenty of beautiful memorials to see over there. This energetic city is blessed with modern infrastructures, elegant hostels and astonishingly clean streets and well designed shops. Take a look at the list of best places in Osaka.

1. Osaka Castle

In earlier days Osaka Castle was the largest castle in Japan. The castle tower is encircled by secondary citadels, turrets, gates, big stone walls and moats. The steep walls of this castle are made of huge blocks of stone. No other castle in Japan can match the grand sight of this castle. It is the symbol & one of major Osaka attractions.


Osaka Castle History

2. Shitennō-ji Temple

Shitennō-ji Temple has its roots back to AD 59 and it was Japan’s first Buddhist temple. The primary attraction of this temple is the five-story pagoda along with other beautifully decorated buildings including the Golden Pavilion (Kondō) with its fine sculptures and paintings, the Lecture Hall (Kōdō), and a lovely enclosed passage linking three of the temples gates. In January people celebrate the “Doya-Doya” festival and in autumn the “Shiten’no-jiWasso” festival.


More about Shitenno-ji Temple

3. Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

From outside it looks like an enormous Lego blocks, the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan has big appeal to the marine loving explorer. It is Japan’s most extravagant aquariums. This aquarium shows the aquatic animals of the Pacific Rim at their most vibrant and natural environment. The tanks in this aquarium recreate a specific region of the Pacific Ocean and take visitors on a virtual tour of the Pacific Ocean.


Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

4. The Tempozan Ferris wheel

The enormous Tempozan Ferris Wheel is located at the mouth of the Osaka Bay. From the elevated height you can enjoy a scenic view of the mountains, the sea, and the entire city of Osaka. Thrill seekers can also ride the special “see-through-bottom” cars for an unbelievable all-round view of Osaka Bay. The night view of the illuminated city makes it perfect for dating spot.


The Tempozan Ferris wheel

5. Umeda Sky Building

Umeda Sky Building is a remarkably unique and very shimmering high-rise structure of glass and steel. The 173 meter high building has two separate towers which are joined at the top by a donut shape observation deck. This marvelous building is filled with popular recreation spot like gardens, restaurants, and a cinema. The stylish Umeda Sky Building does not only standoff in its unique design but it also has the best safety arrangements to protect it from earthquakes and other disasters.


Read more about Umeda Sky Building here

6. Tennoji Zoo

With over 100 thousand square meters in area this zoo is located at the southern gateway to Osaka. There are 1,500 animals of 300 different species lives in their natural habitat here, it include koalas, lesser pandas, elephants, and the only kiwi bird in Japan. This zoo is located in the busiest area of Osaka, it is located right beside Shinsekai, Tsutenkaku Tower, Spa world, Shitenno Shrine and it is connected directly to Tennoji Park.


More about Tennoji Zoo

7. Universal Studios Osaka

With an area of 39 hectares it is the most visited theme park in Japan. Currently this theme park has eight segments; these are Hollywood, New York, San Francisco, Water-world, Amity Village, Jurassic Park, Universal Wonderland and The Wizard World of Harry Potter. From child-friendly carousels to thrilling roller coasters visitors can enjoy many amusement rides here. There are also different shows held every day, including a night time parade.


More about Universal Studios Japan

8. National Museum of Art, Osaka

A museum has a great collection of contemporary art from renowned national and international artists such as works by Tadanori Yokoo and Andy Warhol. Centering its primary focus on contemporary art this museum collects and exhibits objects of art and other related materials. The exterior design of this museum is inspired by the life force of bamboo, it represent the development and cultivation of contemporary art. The museum is a new hub of culture and a site of special historical and cultural significance.


National Museum of Art, Osaka

9. Kuromon Market

Osaka is all about the food, and that’s even more of an understatement when you find yourself in Kuromon Market, one of the most famous food markets in Osaka. It is the top spot for fresh seafood, produce and street food in Osaka. With 170 shops specialize in the freshest and best quality meat, vegetables, eggs, fish and other ingredients.


A few shops remain close on Sunday.

The market opens at 08.00 A.M and closes at 07.00 P.M.

10. The Ogimachi Park Playground

This park is the perfect place to spend the day with the children. This enormous play park has a number of slides, climbing wall that scales the Kansai TV Studio, where kids learn through play. Best of all, the park is known for its balanced plant life, within every three months its color changes with the seasons.


The Ogimachi Park Playground remains open 24 hour of the day.

The park is located from 3 minute walking distance from Ogimachi Station down the Sakaisuji line.

Apart from these visitor spots, Osaka has a huge number of wholesalers and retail shops, Most of them are located in the wards of Chuō and Kita. Den Den Town is comparable to Akihabara; it is famous as the electronic and manga/anime district.

Featured image courtesy: Pedro Szekely

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